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January 27, 2013

Sister Missionary Clothing Suggestions

Hey Ladies!
  I'm sure ya'll can guess who has been a  :P Thanks, Carr, for keeping the blog up during my absense of laziness!

Modesty posts are fun and easy, so here is one for you future sister missionaries!  Just some clothing suggestions.  Someday I'll get back to writing articles again. :)  For more information on the new sister missionary dress code, see and

Remember, you, my fellow sisters, can make a difference! I know several wonderful young women who are heading out to join the Lord's army, and I know they will make a valuable contribution, just as you will! I encourage you to consult God to see if a mission is right for you...and if so, happy shopping and good tracting!!
Ok, how cool is this?! A company that specializes in making cute, modest sister missionary clothes! Wow!  I'm SO going to use this...
NEW: We have a free shipping code from Sister Missionary Clothes! Check it out: SHIP4FREE

Botanical DressMIA Tinseltown Swing Skirt- XS Only
They also have this awesome slip that is built more like a pair of shorts, so they are perfect for missionary bike riding! How snazzy is that?!
This is also another fantastic resource for sister missionary clothes.  :)
Princess Seam blouse with box Pleat collar white  Triple ruffle blouse--grass green
They also have an awesome modesty/missionary blog
This is also another wonderful website, and they offer a 20% discount to sister missionaries!
Button Tab ShrugAvelyn Skirt

This is a great website you can use to layer your skirts to make them more modest. :)

I found this website through a sister missionary: HOLY COW! You can customize your dresses, skirts, tops, etc., and so I am sure this is perfect for sister missionary shopping. Check this website out! IT IS AMAZING!
You guys who have checked out the blog before know I love Shabby Apple!  Just be careful about skirt length...
This way for a lighthearted skirt sure to take you all over town. Cleverly composed of gradually-thickening navy chevron stripes, its high waist and longer length further favor your figure and add visual complexity to your look. Pair any bright color above for a bold statement, or top it off with a navy blouse for an ensemble that is benignly beautiful. Flattering and comfortable cotton/spandex blend.Black cotton poplin dress with belt and pleated skirt.  - Funny enough, they have shirts that say your mission - like "Washington Seattle Mission."  Hah :) has some great examples of missionary outfits!
Another great sister missionary website...
They have some awesome missionary basics for layering.


January 25, 2013

Modesty Update

Winter clothes, modesty update! Staying modest should be no problem in this bitter cold weather! haha! Here are some ideas:

Mint and brown and modest! Darling!

I am a huge fan of coral and grey together, and this is SOOO cute!

If you couldn't tell, I'm a huge fan of cardigans...

'Nother awesome coral and grey outfit! Love the combo and the scarf!

Beautiful, and warm. Looks like a snowflake.
Awesome, love the cardigans and shawls and wraps.
I am a coral fan. Not my favorite color, but I love clothes that are coral.
Deliciously winter outfit.
Ruffly pumpkin colored shirt, bedazzled jeans, can't go wrong.
A little out of context, but how cute are these shoes?
Ballet pink and brown, great inspiration for church.
'Nother pair of cute shoes.
Grey, awesome, winter wedges!
Ruffly pencil grey skirt! (If you're not getting the hint, go with some grey!) 
Yellow and grey! Fabulous combo!
I am stressing this one! GET A FEW PAIRS OF COLORED JEANS! Spice up your wardrobe for sure.

Stay colorful throughout the winter!

Hope you like!