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August 12, 2012

Young Women Mutual Ideas

Here are some Mutual Ideas.  :) Enjoy!!

Mutual Activities
  • Faith Walk: Set this up in a back yard or something like that. Take a rope and tie it to tries, posts, fences, etc. to make a path.  Blindfold each girl and lead her down the rope.  Have the class presidency tempt them (for example say: "Jen! We have ice cream sandwiches over here...just follow me!") or throw water balloons at them.  Have faith stops, etc.
  •  Make clay jewelry!  This is way fun and home-making like! We did this for my Mia Maid class, and with was so great. :) 
  • Do a lip gloss night.  We did this and it was way great!  Click here for recipes. 
  • Parade of rooms.  I've never done this, but it sounds fun (and a good excuse to clean your room.)
  • Have a recipe night.  We've done this before and it was way great!  You could make recipe boxes, exchange recipes, or learn how to make different seasonal recipes.  For example: 1 - We made cinnamon rolls!  Way fun.  2 - We learned different Autumn Recipes from several girls/moms.  The recipes were exchanged and then we got to sample each!
  • Dirty Doubles Kickball.  You play this like kickball except for a few details.  Each base is composed of "dirtying" things.  The first is a baby pool full of shaving cream.  The second is a baby pool of mud.  And the 3rd is a baby pool full of water, with a water slide to home base.  Make sure the girls are dressed appropriately.   Then pair them into doubles, tie them together by their legs (like a 3 legged race), and play!
  • I've never done this, but this sounds great for Presidency Training: Leadership Training Sleepover - Present four 20 minute workshops: 1) Positive Attitude, 2) Friendship, 3) Time Management and 4) Personal Progress. After a night of snacks, games, and fun, end the activity with a simple breakfast. Follow up with a leadership training lesson at your next class presidency meeting on Daily Spiritual Preparation.

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